Anti Bullying Workshop

Inveralmond received a visit on Friday from Rich Cottell who is a Singer/Songwriter/YouTuber.

Rich is on an ‘Anti Bullying’ school tour and we were lucky enough to be one of his stops. As well as speaking about the many dangers of bullying, Rich also treated our S1 and S2 students to some musical performances.

The students also had the chance to speak with Rich at the end of his set and lots of ‘selfies’ were taken! For anyone interested in keeping up with Rich’s career you can follow him through his FacebookTwitterYouTube and Instagram accounts.

School Sports League

It is early days in the West Lothian Schools Sports League but Inveralmond have made an impressive start. Well done to eveyone involved, keep up the good work..

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F1 in Schools – Raceday

KinetikosFormula 1 in Schools team push towards finishing line!
Kinetikos Racing took a step closer to their journey to represent ICHS at the World Finals of the Formula 1 in Schools challenge in Austin, Texas later this month with their Supercar experience day being held on Sunday at East Fortune.

The event saw over 50 people take to the race track in a selection of Supercars, with the cars available on the day including a Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus, Aston Martin and Mustang.

There was also the opportunity to purchase a passenger experience with a professional driver which proved to be exceptionally popular.

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Join Micro-Tyco!

Micro-tyco is a 30-day Entrepreneurial Challenge where you will learn fundamental business principles and practice them to make a profit.

Your task will be to work with others to take £1 and turn it into as much money as possible.

Anyone interested in taking part in this should go to see Mr MacConnell in the Business Education Department asap.

For more information click on the following link:- Micro-tyco


Hand Up Survey

transport-scotland-logocopyOver the last eight years, Hands Up Scotland Survey has established itself as the largest national data-set to look at how children travel to school across Scotland.

Following the passing of a Parliamentary Order on 1 June 2012, Hands Up Scotland Survey has been published as an Official Statistic in Scotland.

This is a great achievement as the Official Statistic status acknowledges Hands Up Scotland as a robust and accurate source of data of importance for policy making on transport issues within Scotland. Over the course of the next two days at Inveralmond, we will complete this survey in our tutor groups.

F1 in Schools – Race Night

On the 26th August, Inveralmond hosted a Race Night to raise funds for the F1 in schools team ‘Kinētikos’ upcoming trip to Austin, Texas, to compete in the World Finals.

The evening kicked off with a game of Irish Bingo, quickly followed by the races. There were a few surprised faces when they found out it was a bit different from a traditional Race Night!

It was much more about your ability to turn a handle at breakneck speed than it was anything to do with the look of the horse or for that matter the jockey!

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CSE – Snapchat Campaign

ICHSThe culmination of the awareness raising Scottish Government campaign shows an episodic film detailing the nature and warning signs of child sexual exploitation (CSE).

Storytelling has been used before to explain CSE in an attempt to convey some of the complexities of it, but never live through Snapchat.  The story unfolds snap by snap in a conversation between two young best friends dramatising one girl’s slide into an exploitative relationship.

Could you spot the signs of child sexual exploitation? Watch here and find out more: Spotting the signs You can also take a look behind the scenes and find out how it was filmed live on set: Behind the scenes

S2 London Trip

London trip 2016


This Thursday, 1st September, there is a meeting to allow parents or carers to find out more information about the trip, ask any questions and meet the staff.

The meeting will start at 6pm in the English open plan area.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Also, a gentle reminder that the deposit is due this week.

S1 Settling In Evening

ICHSS1 Parents and pupils are invited to our S1 Settling In Evening on Thursday 8th September at 7 pm.

We will take this opportunity to talk to parents about the Inspire Learning Programme in which all S1 pupils are taking part this year. Parents will also be given the opportunity to meet S1 mentors and the Senior Leadership team within the school.

Click on the following links to view more information about the evening: Settling in evening letter & Didbook Leaflet

Tea and coffee will be provided on the evening. We look forward to seeing you there.

Pokemon Go:- Advice for Parents

Police are urging parents to speak to young people about staying safe when using the recently launched Pokemon Go app.

It’s one of the first popular games to use “augmented reality” – a kind of cross between real life and an online world.

Below are a couple of links to highlight the potential issues when using the app along with guidelines on safe use;

ITV News article

NSPCC parents guide

SQA Exams Post Result Service

SQA-ImageYou will receive your Scottish Qualifications Certificate (SQC) by first class mail on Tuesday 9th August.

If you change your permanent home address, please tell the school immediately. This will ensure that your SQC is delivered directly to your home, and avoids confusion and delays. If you are going on to university or college, your results will be sent by SQA to the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) electronically.

If you are returning for the new session and wish to change your subject choices, please email for an appointment stating your preferred day and time at

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Awards Ceremonies 2016

ICHSInveralmond Community High School celebrated the success and achievement of our learners at our annual awards ceremonies on June 15th.

The S1-S3 ceremony was held during the school day, while the S4-S6 ceremony was held in the evening.

Both the afternoon (S1-S3) and evening (S4-S6) ceremonies included moving and inspirational speeches.

Mrs Young, recently appointed as Head Teacher of Inveralmond, addressed both ceremonies and emphasised her pride in the achievements of our young people.

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Traffic Congestion Event

2016_06_22 Traffic Congestion event (2)
On Wednesday 22 June, a community meeting took place in Inveralmond made up of: pupils from Harrysmuir Primary School, parents from the Nursery, Community Council members, our Parent Council, Deborah Paton a Council Representative and two Community Policemen.

The event was led by a group of S6 pupils who used the Implemento planning tool to try to find solutions to the traffic congestion problems in the area at Harrysmuir Primary School.

The meeting was very positive and a working party has now been established to take forward actions agreed at this meeting.

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S2 SKY Skills Trip

Sky Skills Studio Build, 06/03/12The English department took a VERY enthusiastic 75 S2 pupils to Sky Academy last week.

We were fortunate enough to have the whole trip funded by Sky and the staff at Sky made the trip well worth the visit!

Pupils were split into three large groups and then had to work in smaller groups to complete a series of challenges.

The skills used will be useful not only in the English classroom with research and writing but it was also impressive to see a range of pupils taking leading roles in a group or on camera!

Click here to see some pictures:- Photo Gallery

SKY Media Workshop

Sky Skills Studio Build, 06/03/12
Our senior pupils visited Sky Academy in Livingston and took part in an all day workshop to learn more about Sky and careers in the Media industry.

The pupils showed their ability to work well in a series of 3 challenges. The challenges required organisation, teamwork and enthusiasm and our pupils delivered all three!

We saw some fantastic presentations and some equally fantastic costumes during their news reports!

Click here to see some pictures:- Photo Gallery