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UKMT Maths Challenge Success

The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) do a challenge each year based on non calculator problem solving.

At the start of May, some of our second year students sat the Junior Challenge along with other students from the similar age group throughout the UK.

The students who finish in the top 40% in the UK receive certificates. For 2017 this worked out roughly as: Gold was the top 6%, Silver was 6% – 20% and Bronze was 20% – 40%.

This year the following students received certificates;

Bronze: Morgan Lally, Poppy Smith, Julia Walker

Silver: Rebecca Leitch, Aryan Shah, Mitchell McLachlan, Ashwin Naik

Gold: Adam Bremner

A particular well done to Adam Bremner, who will receive the best in school certificate and missed out on being invited to the next stage by only a few marks.

Congratulations to all!

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