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Home Economics Update

At Inveralmond Community High School we strive to ensure we provide all learners within the Broad General Education a curriculum which meets their needs whilst matching their entitlement to experience all subjects we deliver across S1-S3. However, whilst we aim to meet this goal for all learners across all levels within the school, there are occasions where staffing availability can restrict the subjects that are offered to learners at certain levels.

Due to recent staffing changes within our Home Economics Department, we no longer have a full time teacher within the subject.

The implications of this means we are unable to provide S1 & S2 classes with any form of practical experience within the subject at this moment in time, and this is likely to be the case until we can recruit a new member of staff into the Department. Whilst we will actively pursue this recruitment of staff over the coming weeks and months, a shortage of Home Economics teachers across Scotland makes it exceptionally difficult to predict when we will be able to fill the advertised vacancy.

Over the coming weeks we will begin the process of moving S1 and S2 Home Economics classes into other subject areas where they will still undertake high quality learning and teaching. We are also in the process of looking into ways in which S1 and S2 learners can still experience some practical element of Home Economics by working with other educational partners and local businesses.

If we are successful in recruiting a member of staff, all S1 & S2 students will undertake practical lessons as normal. However, if our advertised vacancy is not filled, we will begin the process of refunding any monies paid towards the £20 contribution that is requested towards the cost of the practical elements within Home Economics. This is likely to be towards the end of October 2017.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me if you have any further questions or queries regarding the situation within Home Economics.

Yours sincerely,
David Dodds
PTC Technologies (Acting)

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