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The BBC runs School Report to enable young people from across the UK have the chance to make their own news to real deadlines and broadcast it to real audiences. In March, schools take part in an annual News Day, simultaneously creating video, audio and text-based news reports, and publishing them on a school website, to which the BBC aims to link.

Pupils from ICHS have been working hard to plan and prepare news stories ahead of the next News Day.

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Click on image to visit BBC News Report

BBC News Report 2017

Are phones a problem in school?

As our news report we decided to the major problem found in Secondary school around Britain. We started off by asking the heads of houses in Inveralmond Community High School which is located in West Lothian near Edinburgh.

Teachers Why do you think students go on their phones during class time? Do you think that phones are a problem during teaching? When students are allowed on their phone, do you think they actually do the work?
Mrs Drummond Bored, Impatient. Can be. Sometimes they do.
Mr Mckeown To annoy Teachers. Yes. Sometimes.
Miss McMillan Addicted. It can be bad (distracting) Sometimes people won’t don’t straight away.
Mr Varty To play games. Yes really big problem. Most of the time.
Mr McNee To check social media. Yes. 60% of the time.
Mr O’Callinghan Goon because their bored and addicted to them. It’s a big problem when teaching. Yes, they do it for work but he has to encourage them.
Miss Potter Get bored. Sometimes good 5th & 6th years will but blow won’t do it straight away

We also asked some children and what their personal opinion was, their reply was “most people go on their phones during class now because there is more addictive games or if you want to check your snapchat or if you have any Facebook notifications.” We asked them if phones are a problem for teachers, they replied with “I think it is because teachers give you a chance to put the phone away but no one really does it so then they have to give you warnings.” We also asked, when you are allowed on your phone for research, do you actually do the work you are meant to. “We do the work after we have done our snapchat, twitter, Instagram etc.” finally we asked what would make you not go on their phone, they said “interactive lessons, more interesting, have more tasks when you’re finished so you don’t get an opportunity to go on your phone and have more of a consequence for being on it instead of getting away with it. The pupils were Adam, Dylan and 2 others.

In conclusion to our research, we have found out that phones are an issue found in secondary schools but teachers feel it is a good resource to have with you for research in class as long as you don’t go on any apps or sites you aren’t meant to be on. Even though teachers take children’s phones off them they don’t stop going on their phones once they have it back.

Report by Lewis, Poppy and Chris.

BBC school report
School dinners

For our BBC school report we choose to do it on school dinners. We went round classes and teachers and even the dinner ladies to see what they all thought about school dinners. We asked them questions like “What do you think about the school lunches?” “What do you think they could improve?” “What do you not like and want to get rid of?” and “Any ideas of what we could add?”
We went around to Mr Hadow’s S1 class who has a very good opinion and wanted to share with us what they thought, they said things like introducing a salad bar and a smoothie bar as well. Instead of having sandwiches or baguettes with salads you can get a selection of what you want to choose, For example you could get a roll and or a sandwich you can fill it up with things yourself instead of taking out tomatoes or onions you can choose what you want to put in it.

The dinner ladies have a strong opinions on the food they make. They suggested things like bringing back the suggestion box. Anne, Tracey and Denise say that they need more time to be serving the pupil and when it comes to Christmas dinners it’s a struggle for them to get everyone what they want. They want better enthusiasm towards staff and to other pupils as well, no teachers should skip the queue as everyone has to wait to get their lunches.

The children have some specific ideas on what they want to improve for the school lunches. They said that the nachos taste good but they are too cheesy and the salsa is too chunky, they think they could be better if they just made the cheese melted as well. Everyone loves nachos so they would like it if the nachos weren’t just a Thursday they think there could be an extra day or two added to get nachos instead of one day. They would like healthier desserts and softer cookies as some of the cookies can be quite hard (no offence to the lunch ladies) There is a lot of pupils in the school and some of them leave their food and litter behind them after they are finished eating, the dinner ladies want more people to pick up their rubbish after them so it is less of a job. The class we went to had a lot of people who liked chicken curry and wanted more ranges of it so instead of having one flavour they asked if they could get a multiple choice of flavours instead of having the same curry over and over.

Other people said that they would like more tables to be added , both bigger and smaller because if there is 3 people at a big table and there is 6 people who need to sit down there is not enough room for them to sit, so they asked if we could get more tables so people can sit down. They also asked if we could have a longer lunch time like ten minutes added because some people don’t have enough time to eat all their lunch in the time given as some days the queues can be very long and you can be standing there waiting for ages.

We interviewed teachers and here is what they said;

We interviewed Mr Mann and Mr Spittal and they said that it would be a good idea if there was more halal food in the lunch hall. They disagree with the mess that people made and think that there should be staff and teachers who are more strict with the pupils that leave behind their lunch because they think it is unfair that there is pupils who leave their mess and then there is people who want to sit down but don’t want to take other peoples rubbish away. They also said and agreed that there should also be more tables for both staff and pupils.

That is all for our BBC school report, thank you, Rebecca, Sarah and Tegan. We will be passing our comments on to senior management and the pupil council.


Our experience at Inveralmond has been rather pleasant however we know for some people this is not the case due to bullying. Over the last 2 weeks we have been discussing bullying with different people to get a bigger perspective on what victims feel like when bullied over their appearance at Inveralmond.

To begin our research we asked a total of 27 first year pupils two questions which were ‘Have you ever experienced any form of bullying over your appearance?’ and ‘Have you ever witnessed anyone being bullied about their appearance?’ An astonishing 14 of this 27 said they have been bullied over their appearance and 20 of the 27 said they had witnessed bullying over appearance.

Firstly we interviewed Lauren who feels as if she is pressured by society to fulfil the perfect image of the stereotypical ‘perfect figure’. Lauren feels uncertain about herself due to previously being called names like ‘fatty’, this has even affected her home life as she feels insecure about being able to wear what she desires.

Another problem that occurs in our school is people being bullied over their sexuality and the way they present themselves. We interviewed S2 girl who is a proud member of the schools LGBTQ+ however she dreads coming to school to face the people that make her feel abnormal in her sexuality. Rihanna highly enjoyed her education at her primary school however she soon discovered how cruel people can be which makes her worry about school…only because she is slightly different. On a daily basis she is judged and spoke down to with slang terms as if she is nothing. She feels supported due to the LGBTQ+ club our school offer despite feeling teachers don’t always know enough about homophobic bullying.

Mrs Loughins the deputy head here at Inveralmond, she definitely feels like verbal bullying takes place more than physical bullying does and feels like some pupils don’t have the confidence to speak out to teacher. Teachers assure they investigate any bullying cases that are reported. She urges anyone who feels as if they are bullied to report it as soon as possible.

News Report – Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep is a big problem affecting today’s young people, our report is on this problem. We went around our school asking a selection of students and teachers 13 questions on this topic.

All the teachers said that lack of sleep effects students’ performance in class, also that phones and internet cause this. 75% of the teachers we interviewed said that a student has fell asleep in class, 50% of the teachers we interviewed said they have fallen asleep in a class in their youth. One question we asked was “How could we help this?” we had many different answers like go to bed early, no phones 1 hour before bed and drink more water. Most teachers said that they think that school should start at 9:30 to 11:00.

All the students said that lack of sleep effects their performance in class, they said it made them feel drowsy and slow. They also said it made it hard to absorb information and write large amounts of text. All but 1 of the students said they had fell asleep in class.

We even asked a few students how they’re feeling and their opinions about some of our questions;

Eryn’s opinion: Eryn said she is feeling the lack of sleep today. Eryn has almost fallen asleep in class before. Yes, Eryn thinks the internet and phones cause the lack of sleep. And Eryn thinks the school should start maybe later on like around about 9:00am or 9:30am.

Breanna’s opinion; Breanna said she was also feeling the lack of sleep. Breanna has never fell asleep in class. Yes, Breanna also thinks that internet and phones cause this problem. School should start at 10:00am or 11:00am.

Breanna and Eryn both think that they feel drowsy (tired) and slow, other students feel the same way. They feel like they do better in class when they’ve had more sleep. Most peoples grades and learning suffer as a result of lack of sleep.

Should kids have access to the online world     

Social media has become a way of life for kids as young as 5, and though it is a great way to communicate with others and learn new things, It has slowly become a bad distraction for young kids around the world. In this report we interviewed pupils and students to find out their opinions on social media.

We interviewed teachers and asked them what they thought about social media. It was interesting to hear from people who didn’t grow up with the different sites as their opinions were based around what they were able to see instead of actually using the sites daily. First we asked about their overall feelings on social media. Most teachers agreed that it is a good way for kids to communicate with others but that it can be dangerous. Mrs Adams, one of the art teachers at our school believes that though social media is great, kids are getting too addicted to the sites. Miss Yusaf, one of the English teaches had a similar opinion.

We then asked them if they were aware of the things kids are exposed to on social media and surprisingly most of them were shocked when we told them the kind of things that kids can access through the internet. Most were concerned about bullying and certain sexual content on the sites.

To create a social media account today you have to be 13 although most people lie about their age to gain access to the sites at a younger age. When we asked what age they thought appropriate for social media most said around 13. Mrs Dunlop, one of the RMPS teachers thought that 15-16 was a good age because of the controversial thing on the sites.

All the Teachers were worried about the effect that social media is having on kids as we are the next generation. Mrs Watson, one of the art teachers was worried things like conversations face to face would disappear as social media would become the main way of communicating.

Overall they thought that the different social Medias should try to control what is on their sites, in order to protect the kids that chose to create accounts.

Everyone has different opinions on social media and how it should be policed but after interviewing our student and staff members we have realized how easy it is for kids to be taken advantage of on social media and have they can be exposed to explicit photos.

Over all we think that social media should be but put a shorter leash and if something or someone is reported it should be looked into more and sent away.


By Anna & Erin


BBC school report

We went around the school asking teachers music questions on their taste of music.


Q1 who is your favourite singer
Q2 what is your favourite song
Q3 if u could go to a gig who’s would it be
Q4 what year would u go back to if u could


Miss Vaslot
Q1 Paolo Nutini
Q2 The Clash 1977
Q3 The Clash
Q4 Punk bands late 70 s

Miss Laverie
Q1 Robbie Williams
Q2 Happy by Pharrell
Q3 Calvin Harris
Q4 1950

Miss Aitken
Q1 Frank Iero
Q2 Light Behind Your Eyes
Q3 My Chemical Romance
Q4 2004

Miss Dunlop
Q1 Dave King
Q2 If I ever leave this world
Q3 Paolo Nutini
Q4 1920s

BBC News Report 2016

2nd Year of the ICHS BBC News Report;
Click on the link below to see our collection of video reports, so far these include audio clips on Earthquakes and the Superbowl…..
BBC News Report 2016 Video album


BBC School Report

Britain Leaving the European Union

There is a Referendum coming up for Britain to leave the European Union. Many have agreed to this, and many have also denied it. The problems are that 3,000,000 people could lose their jobs over this, but they could gain new different types of job. Is it really worth all that to leave the EU? Immigration will change, but for better or worse? Our Economy might change. People have said we might make our Country seem like we don’t accept people from different countries. It’s also been said “Why leave such a good orginisation?” A Modern Studies teacher has said “I think it’s really important and that before people make a decision they find out a lot of information from both sides.” An S1 Pupil has said “If we leave the EU, then we are just a small island who can’t fend for themselves.” People say stay, because if there is a war between Britain and another county, the EU countries could give us help. If we were to leave, and we got involved in war, we might not get as much help.

An Art teacher made it clear that immigrants are not the same as refugees. There difference is Refugees have been forced out of their homes, and forced out of their countries. Immigrants are just people that are moving from one country to another. We should always be accepting refugees, bur should we always be accepting immigrants?

The situation right now is that most people from England want to leave the EU, while most people from Scotland want to stay where we are, and keep it how it is now.

Trading would become an issue, because we get a lot of our supplies from the EU. If we were to leave, it wouldn’t be quite as easy. But yet, we’d get a chance at doing it ourselves.

People who want to leave are saying that it’s the best idea because we have to pay 55,000,000 every day to stay in the EU. Also, we will have a much higher control level over our borders, and we can get to decide who comes into our country, which can stop over population. We will have more control over our land, because previously the EU had control.


The World Challenge

Welcome to our report we have been doing it on the World Challenge which is where S4 and S5 in our school go to a country anywhere in the world and they stay there for 3 weeks. Over the three weeks they are doing different things, the first week they will be living somewhere in the mountains or the rainforest getting used to the change in climate, in the second week they will be helping out the local community and in the third week they will be relaxing doing things like kayaking and water rafting and sporting things.

We spoke to teachers and a pupil who had taken part in world challenge last year down in Vietnam and Cambodia also a pupil who will be going to Ecuador this year.

One student said she enjoyed making new friends and the sense of achievement the most, she missed the culture that was there when she came back from it, she felt the trip the trip made her more confident and willing to speak to new people, she felt like the trip changed her as a person, at first the team who went didn’t know each other but when they all came back they were best friends, if she had the opportunity to do again she would take it.

We spoke to a teacher who went to Vietnam and Cambodia in 2015 he helped prepare the students last year by holding weekly meetings. He said it was hard to prepare as they were in different groups for training but they were able to pull together. They had people come in to speak to them and prepared for the different foods by going to restraints they also studied the place they were going. He felt the team had worked really well together because of the strange food and different climate. He was meant to help out this year but had to pull out. His main highlight was when they went for a five day trek and slept in hammocks. He thought that the team had worked surprisingly well they struggled to blend but pulled together. The project was to go to the orphanage he said it was a horrible, there was children with extra limbs and oversized limbs they helped by painting and decorating and improving the building.

We also spoke to a student going to Ecuador this year. He said he signed up because he enjoys travelling and said the world is very diverse and wants to explore the world and make a difference. They fundraised by bag packing car washes and working also sponsored events. They had done some training expeditions and worked well as a team during this. When they get there the will spend a day to get used to the climate they will be living in. To get used to trekking they will climb a volcano then they will trek up a mountain in South America. Then close to the rainforest where they will be staying in they will help the local community then they will have the last week to themselves and have fun and rest. He didn’t chose to do it for a person just for his own personal enjoyment. He said it might be quite difficult to adapt to there for the three weeks as it is all new to him. He thinks there will be more chances to learn more about different cultures and environments.




Outro from Inveralmond CHS on Vimeo.

Jessica – McDonald’s from Inveralmond CHS on Vimeo.


BBC News Report 2015

This is our first year reporting and we had a very busy day!

News stories range from selfie sticks to solar eclipse. We are also trying to raise awareness of the dangers of vapours and e-cigarettes.

We hope you enjoy the stories, pictures and videos below;
from Mrs Hansom and S2

News Report Videos
Please click on the following link to view our videos, we hope you enjoy them…
BBC News Report 2015 Video Album

Invi’s Book Mastermind

Invi’s book mastermind will be held on Thursday the 19th of March at lunchtime in the assembly hall, feel. This is all inspired by read to succeed.

The contestants (teacher) include:-

  • Miss Lynch – Drama
  • Mr Shipton – Physical Education
  • Mrs Adams – Art
  • Mr Smith – Maths

The questions will be based on their favourite books and genre. It’s free to enter and will begin at 1:20 so everyone can get their lunch first.

There will be a trophy for the winner.

We encourage you to join and support the teachers during the quiz.

Posters have been placed around the school and it will help give them an idea of the questions so we hope they pay attention.

For example: “I stopped believing there was a power of good and a power and a power of evil that were outside us. And I came to believe that good and evil are names for what people do, no for what they are.
– Phillip Pullman : the amber spyglass

We are very happy with the effort put in by staff and pupils thanks for all the support during the organising of the quiz.

Solar Eclipse

A lot of people are excited about the solar eclipse that will occur tomorrow, Friday 20th. The moon will begin to pass in front of the sun. It will slowly move across the sun over the next hour and then it will take another hour for things to return to normal.

Solar Eclipse

What may disappoint some is that the eclipse may be hidden by our usual bad weather. In Scotland the sun will be mostly covered by the moon however may be hidden by cloudy weather according to meteorologists.

A solar eclipse is a natural event that happens where the Moon moves in orbit between the Earth and the Sun. It happens at the new moon phase where the sun and the moon are in junction with each other.

Although most of Europe will be able to see said Eclipse the best view in Britain will be on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis, where ninety-eight percent of the sun will be obscured at mid eclipse at roughly around nine thirty-six am. However watchers who live in Skye and Orkney will see the sun be covered by the moon at ninety-seven percent. Sadly a total eclipse will not be able to be witnessed from British territory.

People have been advised to not look directly at the sun, as solar eclipse or not it can and will harm your eyesight. Instead, you can wear special glasses that let you see the eclipse in person.

By Rebecca

The Lost City

Scientists were looking for a legendary city called “City of Monkey God.” Instead they found a city which was empty and seemed to be empty for six hundred years, the whole city is six hundred years old.

It seemed to be that the city is the lost culture, the city held a very old culture of people, the city has never been explored before by any other human being but before they found it, they heard by rumour that the city was called “The White City” also referred to as the city of the monkey god.

It seemed that the people that lived there had been there for years but then they just vanished out of thin air, they either all left or they all died, no one knows. When the scientists left, they explored the city, the city is still unknown and the scientists don’t know anything about it.

A scientist said that the conditions of the city are incredibly rare, in other words, the city is very clean and in very good condition. He also said that the artifacts they left are possibly offerings, there were fifty two artifacts that were sticking out of the ground. The scientists will not tell anyone the location of the city because people might steal the artifacts or take other things from the city to sell it, the artifacts that people might take may be important.

I asked a history teacher about this and she said-

Do you think that we would make the city into a city where humans could live?

“No, I think that they would make it into an attraction and let people see the city once they know everything about it.”

Since they have found the lost city, do you think that they will find Atlantas city as easy?

“No, they have been looking for Atlantas for years and not yet found it so it will be a while until they find Atlantas.”

Do you think that finding the Atlantas would be as easy as finding the Titanic?

“No, we had a clue to where the Titanic was and scientists had don’t have a clue where to Atlantas is.”

By Sam

Bruce Jenner, sex change secret


Bruce Jenner 1

The Olympic gold medallist, father of six and most known from the television show, ‘keeping up with Kardashians.’ Bruce Jenner has never been comfortable in his own skin until now.

Bruce Jenner 2

Bruce’s transformation into a woman has shocked many people, but Jenner believes he is finally happy and that his family supports him fully.

A few of Jenner’s close friends say they’ve known of his struggle to accept himself for years now. They said to have seen him ‘cross dress’ behind doors and that he would have others buy him women’s clothing.

Over the next year Bruce has been snapped with manicured nails, highlights and lip gloss.

Photograph from


Report by Zoe

Jak Trueman Charity Match

Jak Trueman

On Sunday the 8th of February 2015 there was a charity football match in loving memory of the one and only Jak Trueman.

The score was 7-3 to the Teachers and legends and they were against Jaks team west Calder colts and the game took place at Livingston stadium.

Jak Truman sadly passed away on the Second of February 2015 of leukaemia and lymphoma both very treacherous diseases. This was a very sad moment for all the friends and family of the Trueman family.

They raised £13,243. This was a great accomplishment for the family and charities helping. It was a very successful day. There were fans from all ages.

The day started off with his mum making a very great but moving speech about how great jack was such an inspiration. Jak Trueman will be gone but never forgotten.

RIP Jak Trueman

Picture by Daily Mail.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard secret marriage??


The Hollywood stars, Johnny Depp, 51 and Amber Heard, 28 have been heard to have got married in their home in California.
They were said to have a larger celebration held at a private resort in the Bahama’s.

J Depp

Only a small group of 50 have been invited to the ceremony, including Johnny’s children.
They had originally met on the set of ‘the rum diary’ in December 2013, where they both had starring roles.

Report by Zoe

The Bin Lorry Man Speaks Out

The man driving the bin lorry, Harry Clarke age 58, he said to have been unconscious and could not remember any