S1/S2 Science

” Every child and young person is entitled to experience a broad general education”


The BGE (s1-3) is structured around Significant Aspects of Learning. In science, these include:


  •           Knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, principles and concepts of Planet Earth, Forces, electricity and waves, Biological systems, Materials and Topical science
  •           Inquiry and investigative skills
  •           Scientific analytical thinking skills
  •           Skills and attributes of scientifically literate citizens


During s1 and s2 science we address all of these Significant Aspects of Learning through a thematic approach. This is a way of teaching and learning, whereby many areas of the curriculum are connected together and integrated within a theme.

This allows literacy, skills, knowledge and application of science to grow progressively, so that pupils develop a deeper understanding of how science can be linked to the world around us.

The images below summarise our themes during s1 and s2, and include key words that can be used in a search engine to support your child when researching topics at home.



S1 Science

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S2 Science

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At ICHS we pride ourselves in developing collaborative, resourceful, reflective and resilient learners. This is represented by the didbook icons on the overviews, that highlight skills developed in science that can be applied across lots of subject areas. We hope that you will use our thematic overview to continue the development of these skills and attributes when discussing learning with your child at home.
Consolidation at home is an important part of understanding and exploring further work done in class. We would recommend that your child reviews their science work weekly, by making a mind map/ revision cards/ poster/ summary of work done in class.
Exploration of broader science issues are encouraged, so if there is something relevant in the news or on a documentary- please encourage your child to report this back to their teacher, and make links between this and what they learn in class!