Karate Success


Inveralmond student Ally Aitchison has just returned from Norway where she was representing the Livingston Tenkai Karate club at the Kofukan World Championships.

Ally put in a great deal of work and some excellent performances to earn a Silver Medal, which is a fantastic achievement and everyone here at Inveralmond is extremely proud of her.

Ally has previously won a Bronze medal at the World Championships so hopefully her progression will continue with a gold medal to come…

The Livingston Tenkai Karate club runs beginner classes on a Tuesday night at 7pm at Inveralmond, any age from 6 years old.

Senior Pupil Leadership


New S6 Application Process for Senior Pupil Leadership Team

Pupils returning for S6 next year can now apply for leadership positions within the Senior Pupil Leadership Team. Roles are outlined within the PowerPoint and Application Forms which can be found here;
Head Girl & Head Boy Applications 2015-2016
House Captain Applications 2015-2016
Prefect Applications 2015-2016
Senior Pupil Leadership Team Roles Information

All applications should be completed and returned to Mrs Paxton at s6.ichs@hotmail.co.uk no later than 22 May 2015.

Easter Revision 2015


Easter Revision School is an excellent opportunity for your child to gain more revision time with support from teachers as well as support with examination technique.

Your child will get the opportunity to practice answering exam questions in their subject and receive effective feedback so that they feel confident when they sit the final examinations. The revision sessions are open to all S4/5/6 students taking their exams this summer. Updated Easter Revision Timetable

We hope that your child can make the most of this fantastic opportunity. The staff are looking forward to working with your our young people as they prepare for their forthcoming exams.

Miss West Lothian 2015

miss west lothian

20th anniversary at Grand Central 1st april 8pm.

Each year this is held and supports a chosen charity, girls within the West Lothian area from the ages of 16-25 will compete and if they are successful will go on to showcase West Lothian and their chosen charity.

This year we have 4 students and 5 Ex-students taking part, Inveralmond has the most students involved either as a competitor or dancing at the event. They are Keegan Cooper-Cunningham, Cindy Cosgrove, Caitlin Jones-Bennett ,Erin Kirsop; ex-students are Morgan MacDonald, Claire Campbell, Hannah McInnes, Rhian Radbourne and Jade Cosgrove.

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Sci-fun has been to Inveralmond!
This 2 day STEM event ran by the University of Edinburgh included lots of exciting hands-on activities for all S1 pupils.

Our s6 senior students were fully trained by University staff, so that they were able to lead the s1 sessions- without assistance!​

Activities ranged from finding out why coins are different shapes, to how stem cells can treat diseases, to racing on a bike to generate electricity.

S1’s had an amazing time, many describing it as “the best lesson ever!”

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School Vaccinations


Are you protected?

There is another chance for teenagers to get their MMR and HPV vaccine in the summer term if they have previously missed out.

Ten per cent of secondary school pupils in Lothian have not had the second dose of the MMR vaccine meaning they are at risk from Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

In Lothian there has been a recent outbreak of mumps, a contagious viral infection with symptoms including fever, headache and swelling of one or both cheeks or sides of the jaw.

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Information Evening

WL College

There will be an Information Evening on Thursday 26th March from 5pm to 7pm in the executive suite at West Lothian College. This is specifically for the Foundation Apprenticeship courses in NC Manufacturing Engineering and NC Civil Engineering.

Please read the attached Poster for more information.

There will be staff from each of the relevant areas along with employers to help explain the purpose of the courses, the content, exit routes and opportunities. We are also hoping to have a couple of students from this years cohort to say a few words and be available to answer any questions to both guardians and candidates.

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Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse photo 180

There was a Solar Eclipse on Friday 20th March 2015 and our teachers presented us with an opportunity to observe the Solar Eclipse using pin-hole cameras which we made in class.

This was a special event for us as the last Solar Eclipse occurred in 1999 and the next could be as late as 2090! A Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon covers the sun and this happens often on earth as the moon is 400 times smaller than the sun and 400 times closer to the Earth.

There was a great deal of excitement and there was a fantastic turn out with hundreds of people present from a variety of departments across the school to witness this spectacular phenomenon. Written by Megan Black of S4.

Inveralmond MUN at GWC15


The annual trip to George Watson’s College MUN took place this weekend 13th-15th Mar.

Inveralmond took 18 pupils to represent the interests of the states of Nigeria and Cyprus.

This year’s conference was particularly poignant as it was the last time Caileigh Marshall and Anais Banag will represent the school at a Conference outside of Inveralmond.

Both girls were founder members of the club in its current format and they have been stalwarts of both the weekly lunchtime and conference scene.

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Solar Eclipse


West Lothian residents are being warned to stay safe when witnessing the solar eclipse on Friday, 20 March 2015.

As the most significant partial eclipse of the sun in Scotland since August 1999, many local residents are expected to view the astronomical phenomenon. West Lothian is predicted to witness a 93% eclipse, starting from around 8.30am and lasting until around 10.45am, with the maximum eclipse at approximately 9.35am.

Looking directly at the sun is dangerous and can result in serious eye damage or blindness. To protect your eyes, please do not ever stare at the sun, even during a partial eclipse.

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Senior Students Football


S5 v S6 Football Match

A fairly overcast day shadowed over the theatre of dreams for the eagerly anticipated encounter between Mr Shipton’s Galacticos and Inveralmond’s finest sixth year team, the Invincibles.

The fifth year side, led by Andrew Turner, kicked the game off.

The deadlock was finally broken after a cagey first ten minutes when after great build up play, the ball fell to Liam McKibbens after a flick on from Sixth year hit-man Jacen Young, which was excellently volleyed home from 25 yards.

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BBC News Report


S2 pupils are taking part in the 2015 BBC News School Report day on Thursday 19th March.

Pupils will be reporting on topics that are current and interesting for their target audience of teenagers.

They have already started writing reports (see the BBC News Report link under ICHS Links) and they are looking forward to filming next week. Pupils will also be roving reporters next Thursday asking other pupils (and possibly staff!) for their opinion on important topics.

The videos and reports will be uploaded on the 19th as part of the live news reporting day.

Sports Bulletin

Sports Balls

Inveralmond finished 1st in the recent S3-4 Rugby competition with the boys winning all games without conceding a try!

Our S3-4 team came 5th in their recent Basketball competition. The S3-4 Handball team finished in 3rd place at the recent East conference. Upcoming events are S1-3 Girls Netball and S1-2 Rugby on 20 March followed by S3-4 Basketball on 24 March.

Dance organisation Y-Dance will be holding a one-day workshop for S3 girls on Thursday 19th March. Any girls that attend the workshop will have the opportunity to attend a Dance Leadership course over the Easter holidays. Anyone interested should speak to Miss Hannah

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National Science & Engineering

Cassie McGregor 180

We would like to wish Cassie McGregor in S6 all the best at the National Science and Engineering competition taking place in Birmingham next week.

Cassie won a prestigious placement with the Nuffield foundation last summer. She carried out her placement at the Roslin Institute investigation E-Coli in cattle.

From her placement Cassie has since presented her research at a Nuffield conference in Glasgow and has now won a finalist place at the National Science and Engineering Competition

We are sure this is only the start of Cassie’s successful future in a career in science.

S2 Girls Run for Rwanda

rwanda 2

On Thursday April 2nd Miss Spence’s S2 girl’s fitness class will be running a team marathon to raise money for the charity ‘Together in Sport Rwanda.’

Together in Sport is a charity set up and run by Inveralmond’s own PE teacher Miss Spence.

The charity works in a very poor rural school in Rwanda ‘Faith and Hope Academy’ and aims to educate and teach life skills to the pupils through sport.

The charity raises money to take sports equipment and clothing to Rwanda to give to the children that are less fortunate than us.

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