Information For Parents

Headteacher’s Letters 2016/17


Advice regarding use of and streaming apps

Following on from a number of incidents involving children from across the UK, we would like to raise awareness of the above apps and confirm the following information for parents:

  1. The terms and conditions state that all users must be at least 13 years old.
  2. Users may be exposed to adult content such as swearing, graphic content and pornography.
  3. Live streaming is not fully private even when privacy settings are set to on.
  4. Users are able to search for other users close to their location.

For further information about potential risks to children please visit the following pages: (Once on this page, scroll down and click on LIVE.LY)

To all Parents

I am delighted to provide you with a summary of our School Improvement Priorities for session 2016/2017. These priorities have been determined from a rigorous self –evaluation process.

S Young

School Improvement Plan 2016/17

Period Times

Monday to Thursday Friday
Tutor 08.35 – 08.45 Tutor 08.35 – 08.45
Period 1 08.45 – 09.35 Period 1 08.45 – 09.35
Period 2 09.35 – 10.25 Period 2 09.35 – 10.25
Period 3 10.25 – 11.15 Break 10.25 – 10.40
Break 11.15 – 11.30 Period 3 10.40 – 11.30
Period 4 11.30 – 12.20 Period 4 11.30 – 12,20
Period 5 12.20 – 13.10
Lunch 13.10 – 13.50
Period 6 13.50 – 14.40
Period 7 14.40 – 15.30

Term Dates

Useful Links


Our School greatly encourages school uniform for all our pupils. We believe it promotes a real sense of school identity, shared values, self–confidence and a shared sense of community. The uniform is actively supported by all parents and the parent school council, our uniform is:

White shirt / Black shirt
Black trousers / skirt
Black jumper / cardigan
Black shoes
School tie (Senior School Tie is available from the Community Reception)
School blazer
Pupils should also have a complete change of kit for Physical Education

New Apps for parents:-

Net Aware Guide – The NSPCC with O2 have launched a Net Aware guide as an app to support parents on the go and help them keep their children safe on the move.  From Facebook and Instagram to Snapchat and Tumblr, this is a simple no-nonsense guide for parents from NSPCC and Mumsnet to the social media, apps and games that kids use. Information can be found at

Selfie Cop – Selfie Cop is an app that can be installed on the phones/tablets of children (targeted at 8-13 year olds) and their parents to help children learn to think more about images they share. Every time the camera is activated on the phone/tablet, Selfie Cop pops up and asks the child if they are sure about sharing this image – the image will also be available for the parent carer to view. The app is installed with the child’s awareness and permission – it’s not about spying on their activity, it’s about trying to instill good habits around thinking twice before sharing images. Selfie Cop information

ooVoo Video Chat App –  ooVoo guide for parents and carers